Industrial Rope Access Services

Rope access techniques are ideal for sites where access is difficult or impossible by other means and/or where there are no in-situ cradles or scaffolding or other platforms, and where the type of work to be done is suitable for the application of such techniques. Examples are:

Rope Access Services we provide to varieties Sectors

  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Power and chemical plants
  • Onshore and Offshore facilities
  • Windmill Towers
  • Cement Plants
  • RIG and Ships
  • Building Maintenance and
  • Wherever the work at height involves.

There are different types of services can be provided by rope access methodology:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Blasting and Painting of Storage tanks
  • Blasting and Painting of chimney
  • Blasting and Painting of Column and Vessels
  • Blasting and Painting of Structural
  • Windmill Tower Inspection and Maintenance
  • Structural and Tank inspections
  • Bridge inspection
  • Sealant installation and surface preparation
  • Sand blasting and pressure washing
  • Cleaning and painting of buildings
  • Maintenance and repair
  • High Rise Window cleaning
  • Instrument installation
  • Painting and blasting
  • Rock scaling and anchoring
  • Onshore and Offshore
  • Geological surveys