Rope access training


IRATA as the world’s leading industrial rope access authority aims to encourage and develop a safe system for its member companies


International Rope Access Certification Scheme (IRACS) is an ISO/IEC 17024:2012 accredited certification body operating certification of persons to industrial rope access personnel at Level 1 (Basic Level), Level 2 (Intermediate Level) and Level 3 (Advanced Level) through training, examination and certification

Work At Height

Height safety training, in common with all other training, is dependent upon the quality of the training provider.

Work At Height Rescue

The course gradually builds up experience and knowledge of how to use the rescue kit and complete a rescue while working at height.

Confined Space Rescue

This training focuses on working on permit-required confined spaces in their facilities in which employees will be working, provide rescue and emergency services.

Rope Access Awareness

This training is essential to the Key persons who are in managerial position and handling rope access works. This modules give knowledge to management people to plan and prepare their rope access team for the specific task.