Rope Access Rescue Services

Umbrella International provides rope access rescue services for;

Confined Spaces Rescue and Work At Heights Rescue

We are having highly competent personnel that are knowledgeable and skilled in the techniques and standards used in rescue services. Umbrella International provides the rescue services by employing certified personnel with cost-effective.

Many clients are eliminating the cost for maintaining their own rescue teams and equipment which will occasionally be required by utilizing our services.

How our rescue teams differ from others:

  • Competent through Certification
  • Highly experienced in rescue projects
  • Continues training at regular interval
  • Standard equipment for rescue activity


We provide Work at Height and Confined space rescue services to any space including chamber, vessel, Column, tank, silo, pit and other similar space by employing team of IRACS certified personnel which is unique competency for Work at Height and confined space rescue and has experience to know what to do, suitable equipment and technology, capable of handling any scenario in both rescues. Our rescue teams have worked in a wide range of industries in both Entry and Non-entry rescue activity.

Confined space works can be a tough job in case of emergency but we’re here to support you. By deploying our rescue services, fulfill your regulatory compliances, ensure your facility is safe to work, keep your employees or contractors are safe and return to home as they came in. By doing all so, your reputation will be high among the industry.

On-site Consultation:

We carry out site visit at your facility to provide on-site consultation for the confined space rescue activity.  Assessment of our rescue team shall include identification of nature and technique required for confined spaces, risk assessment and rescue plan after evaluation of those confined spaces that provides recommendations and guidelines to your site engineer or In-charge that what should be done before work preparation.